Reframing Middle Leadership – Susan Lovett

PENZ Inspired Leadership Programme 2015 Session 1

Leading and managing-special Issue. on middle leaders 41(2)2015

 Middle leaders = leaders of learning Requires a particular skill set

Leaders “doers” -why weren’t people following”-

how to develop and lead teams of teachers. 65% challenged with getting buy in-fostering leadership is key.


1. Attraction to leadership roles

concerns about preparation for leadership roles

many middle leaders are not interested

pressure of workload

2, Apparent priviledge of principals PL.

Education is geared to developing principals

3. visible tensions in middle leadership

4. middle leadership function

differing views-above, middle and below

5. relevant essentials in middle leaders learning

interpersonal skills, managing people, leading teams, curriculum, coaching, mentoring

6.’ Everyone is a leader”.

can be formal or informal.


 My thoughts – I spent a lot of time “head nodding” and resonated with it in terms of my role as SOLO coordinator. I need to look at how I “lead” and develop some strategies to improve.  I did speak to Sue McBain about looking into the educational leadership post grad courses at UC.


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