Culturally Appropriate Pedagogy – Sheena Miller, Te Puke High School

PENZ Inspired Leadership Programme 2015 – Session 4

How do we nurture its development in NZ secondary schools?


Thinking Objectives

  • How has education has evolved for Maori
  • Question cultural positioning and consider how to support colleagues in developing cultural responsiveness.

What is culturally appropriate pedagogy?

  • More than just in the classroom, also institutional, personal, instructional

What does this mean for middle leaders?

  • Focus on supporting good academic decision making
  • Involve whanau
  • Diversity of maori students – one size cannot fit all
  • How can you support staff to be culturally responsive –  multiple ways of viewing the world
  • Strength in diversity
  • Promote the belief you can make the difference
  • Know how learners construct knowledge
  • Know your students, families and have high academic expectations

Interrogate your beliefs

  • What beliefs do you hold which are based on your cultural upbringing?
  • Can you suspend them to see another point of view?
  • Have you looked carefully at the beliefs your institution promotes and the cultural values they reinforce.


Thought provoking perpectives, while we don’t have huge numbers of Maori or Pasifika students, we do have a huge range of “cultures” at StAC and some of the same questioning and challenges apply.


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