Rite Journey Conference 2015 – Session 2

Steve Biddulph – http://www.stevebiddulph.com/Site_1/Home.html


Humanity Training – Greatest Hits!

A human being is someone who cares –Nic.

Steve’s ideas –steve 1

Body-nutrition, sleep, physicality. –helps to settle, soothe

Emotion-hungry happy, angry, scared-the situation evokes the emotion


Spirit- part of a larger thing, feeling connected. Teenagers can lose sense of this. As can adults.

Emotional intelligence- Joy, Anger, Sadness, Fear are the primary emotions all others are a mix of these

  • Envy = fear + sadness
  • Nostalgia = joy and sadness
  • Jealousy= anger + fear
  • Love = fear + sadness + joy + anger

Feelings are your guidance system –not logical or linear.

For each feeling who would you tell?, what would be the response?, what would you do with it? do in the future?

steve 2 steve 3

Shark music-being out of your emotional zone, gut feeling

Overall takeaways – important to be aware of the the four levels of humanity, not that they all have to be lined up. Even though there is not much written down – this session was inspiring, interesting, challenging….. words struggle to describe!


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