Rite Journey Conference 2015 – Other Stuff

Open space sessions 

Creating data for TRJ

This was a session with Andrew LInes and a group of other teachers to look at the potential and possibilities for creating data to look at whether TRJ adds value. Looking to create a survey that addresses this simply and provide more concrete evidence of the success of programmes. Looked at TRJ content and also resilience.



  • Encourage rituals for boys classes –sacred space and talking stick
  • Buy in from the staff
  • Co-ed ”social” whole group to small groups to “speed dating” –boys provide food, teachers provide discussion questions- preparation required for communication
  • Male/female teacher swap –what are girls and boys looking for?
  • Reflection day together (co-ed)
  • Pub Lunch

Balancing between teacher and TRJ teacher

  • What are my roles? Eg someone’s daughter, someone’s mum…..
  • Negotiate the boundaries, student involvement in determining consequences
  • Be friendly, not necessarily a friend
  • Use the talking stick – it’s absorbing what we are hearing and stays here.  Respectful – rather than confidential. 

TRJ Sharing

Lego activity – building a simple structure by describing to another.

Conquering the C’s – Te Waka points.

Time for hanging out on camps – works well. Time to be bored – did you enjoy – not relevant.

Mess lesson
Make a mess on the paper
Wash hands
Look at the mess
Put the paint back into the tube
Make something beautiful from the mess – hands – Rachel joy Scott

Passport  – to record progress during the year.


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