#28daysofwriting Feedback-using One Note in a practical setting

A very exciting development in my teaching- I have been given a Surface Pro 3 to use as my device instead of a laptop. One of the ways | have always thought this type of device would be fantastic in PE was in terms of  easily providing  written, visual and even oral feedback in a practical  setting. It’s difficult to take a bulky laptop outside or even in the gym and processing a  classload of pieces of paper  is just a pain. Today I had to pre assess my Level 3 class  for 3.4 with the context being badminton. I set up the class  got an injured student to record short clips of each  student on her phone while I watched and assessed using a rubric on their One Note.  It was brilliant!! Instant, timely, paperless and impossible to lose!  A huge tick for the Surface!  Even more fun is that I’m handwriting this blog post. So much potential- can’t wait to share more!Capture


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