#28daysofwriting – Day 12

Connections near and far….

So ooopps I missed a few days with a wicked head cold that turned my brain to fuzz! But I’m back and with a great story about connections and how twitter is my favourite form of PD. We have a master onenote for Year 9 PE and Health that that I populate and other teachers can copy and use in the notebooks for their particular classes. I wanted to try something different for “getting to know you” this year so I gave students the choice of creating an avatar (www.voki.com), a word cloud (www.wordle.com or tagxedo) or creating a pod cast or video cast that shared some things about themselves and then shared them all on the collaborative page of our onenote. This activity was pretty cool (apart from the usual techie issues) and one of the other teachers in my department said today “Where did you get this from – it’s really good” and before I could reply she said “Twitter right? – I must get onto that” Hopefully she does. Thanks to @twitter for giving me heaps of great ideas and inspiration!!  http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=10947745&height=267&width=200



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