28 days of writing – day 3

A question of perspective……

The second of the key ideas I want to explore this month is providing quality feedback – particularly for my level 3 PE students. So my plan was hatched, using OneNote I would scaffold the learning for students and be able to easily give good quality timely feedback either written or verbal without having collect heaps of paper! However I got the distinct impression today that the students thought more that “big brother” or my case “sister” would be watching!!! Funny how different our perspectives can be…..

So my question is …how do I convince my students that this is the way forward? Do I make it compulsory? Do we do a trial for a few weeks? Any great ideas would be appreciated 🙂


One thought on “28 days of writing – day 3

  1. Always useful to try and test something like this with a completely low stakes or no stakes example. Even for something that is not related – perhaps as a starter for a lesson or as an engager. I remember doing this when we first started using collaborative Google Docs – just got the kids to mess around and play, it soon demonstrated the potential and showed what i had in mind for their work. Might be worth a try.

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