28 Days of Writing- Day 1

I am going to have a crack at this blogging thing! Hopefully I’ll get the 28 posts done, not sure they will be groundbreaking or exciting but I hope it will provide me with a place to reflect on my teaching and learning.

A bit about me first, I am teaching fulltime this year, first time in 15 years!!!! I have been teaching PE and a bit of Commerce at a private school in Christchurch for the last 12 years ranging from 10-20 teaching hours. I have also been the teacher responsible for the development of SOLO taxonomy across the school for the last two years. More importantly (most of the time) I am a wife and mother of two boys (three if you count my husband). We live a busy life with sport being a key component.

My goals for this blog are to explore two things – connection and feedback- key I believe in a successful learning environment. @CherylDoig spoke to us at TOD’s this year and my takeaway was that the human touch is essential in education and that technology can give us the time to do this by making other parts of our job more efficient.

Anyway – better go and get on with my planning – first week back was insane – teaching starts tomorrow 🙂




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