Final Reflections – #edchatnz

Wow what a whirlwind conference full of ideas, inspiration and connection. Imagine how it amazing it would have been if we all had this ability to connect when we were starting our teaching careers (many moons ago for some of us!).

The thing I loved the most was takeaways and there were a lot of them – little gems that you could use straight away in classes or in your departments/schools today. So for me they were……

Cheryl Doig’s great ideas for influencing people – I will definitely be taking a more planned and thoughtful approach to my dealings with colleagues when I am proposing something.


Linda Rubens – Explain Everything – even though I haven’t got access to Explain Everything I have managed to create some simple videos, created a youtube channel and trialled it in my class today – will be interesting to see how it goes tomorrow when they will need to access them!

Mary Robinson – Collaborative Learning – love the idea of surveying the students to gain information to put them into groups – will give that a go.

Steve Mouldey – Catalysts for Creativity – lots of goodies in here – from 100 questions to design thinking – all able to be easily incorporated in classes right now!IMG_0288

Georgie di Stigler – Gamifying the KC’s – Can see how this can be applied in PE so easily – thanks for the simple ideas.

And finally the bigger picture stuff – HPSS as a school is fantastic – concept, teachers, passion, buildings. (I also feel comforted that we do some excellent things too!) SOLO is flying thanks to the passion of Pam Hook and other teachers and we are up with the play. The chance to connect and chat with teachers far and near (some great starting conversations with secondary and prep teachers from StAC). And finally the boys from Kelston who blew my mind with their “defeat the label” – their school should be very proud and it was a shame there was only 6 of us to see it – I’m sure the word was spread.def

Thanks to Matt for his organisation of the StAC crew!


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