#edchatnz 2014 Saturday morning

Collaborative learning in senior secondary. Mary Robinson

St Cuthberts – geography, year 13 class working towards external (I see potential for 3.5

Aims – independent learners, resilience, build and use google sites, providing choice, collaboration, try new ideas, giving teacher time to work with small groups, personalised learning -> external exam


1) discussed the controversies of migration -> engagement

2) encourage student choice – China, North Africa into Europe, USA provide resources – survey goals and interests and teacher matched students.

3) create a website template that unpacks the standard – chunks the tasks, adds depth

(Suggest edit on google – great)

Student voice – difficult for some with different goals, good to have small group teacher access, still want model answers, like the choice and being able to work on a website, like variety of teaching strategies, kind of appreciated not being spoon fed,

“To get to easy you have to go through hard”

Teacher – frustrating with engagement, felt redundant, nervous about results,


Still needed to scaffold some students

Results / Questions
Was the website too restrictive
Collaboration part of it was successful
Takes longer than “normal”.


Other ideas
– digital essay – can add multimedia.
-important to plan and reflect on collaboration

Personalisation through SOLO taxonomy – Andrea Henson





catalysts for creativity
Steve Mouldey

Natural Curiosity – where does it disappear to?

Creativity enables you to create change in the world around you. Curiousity enables students to find their own learning paths.

Problem solving not puzzle solving -> problem finding (the best problem) is often the most important

Let them choose how to work – device, pAper, postits, minecraft, physical prototypes

“Do or do not, there is no try” Star Wars YouTube

Getting started can be hard -> 30 circles, what if, question storming then refine. Questions will become deeper over time.

Questions – how might we……

Design Thinking – from Euan McIntosh


Radical collaboration – not necessarily set groups – using help when necessary.

Culture of prototyping – From clumsy to elegant solutions

Physicality of postits for learning – colour coded, can be moved around to refine.

Creativity is a team sport – need people to bounce ideas off.

Reverse Mentoring – fresher eyes, also critical friends for professional learning (separate to appraisal – more forward thinking). ******

Whiteboard paint or paper – warehouse stationary ******

Language – needs to be developed in group work. “Yes and….” Rather than “No…..”

Share your passions – helps to develop the climate for students

gamification – Georgie



Dispelled the myths of gaming

Used an example with “once upon a time”. Looked at how players were using key competences. used beans to represent key competencies could use in PE easily

other presentations (that I didn’t attend)

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