#edchatnz 2014 Reflections Friday Morning

Maurie Abraham – principal HPSS

We need to be 21st century teachers and schools, the students already are.

Shift from the paradigm of one to many…..

Innovation creativity and responsiveness should be the norm in all schools and for all students (ERO)

Magic in “learning hub” and “learning coach” models (feedback from ERO)

Mark Osbourne – keynote

Storytelling – affects the brain -> dopamine, neural coupling, mirroring, cortex activity

Martin Luther King – I have a dream not I have a strategic plan!!

Campfires – for telling stories (like we do in Te Waka)

Don’t give suggestions; tell stories
Bring in others; quotes, passages
Simple stories well told


#Defeatthelabel  – using social media to combat bullying

Students from Kelston Boys High School

The name came from the false preconception that Kelston is a violent school.

The Year 12 Health class has taken an assessment opportunity, extended it and taken action at  their school and in their community (confident student presenters including one of Stephen Dudley’s closest friends).

The Science behind bullying – Newton’s third law – Action /Reaction. Also brain function and bullying (flight, fight response, empathy, effects of continued bullying on the brain, and brain development)

Social Media has been a fundamental bullying tool, take it from the enemy and use it against them!!!

Also have instagram, twitter, google+

Now working on W.A.V.E working against violence everywhere including community workshops and programmes.

Kelston has a “gender identity” dean (student initiated from mentor programme “The Project”) for gay and transgender students to support them – defeat the label has also supported the lgbt community within the school.

Cheryl Doig – Creating Connections



Key points –

1) Using Quadrants to think about the people you are trying to influence – use the 4 quadrants to help to understand who you are working with and what they will respond best to. Give them a hand to get started. How can you help them?

2) Language – What we say defines us eg at Aranui.”superschool vs community campus”  How does our language influence others


3) Connect back to the why (the vision) – focus on the push and pull. Create the positivity to encourage others.

4) Appreciative Inquiry

5) Collected intelligence – sharing ideas via google docs, padlets etc


  • Know yourself
  • Seek to understand others
  • Focus on the language you use
  • Don’t flog a dead horse
  • Outwards mindset
  • Collaborate

If you think you are too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito!! Anita Roddick.


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