PENZ2014 Day 1

Dr Irihangi Heke

Atua to Matua – taking Maori concepts and translating into physical activity – making connections that Maori value.

  • Iwi centrism
  • Genetic mapping
  • Envirophysiology – building training programmes around where people are from – again making connections
  • Biopsychosocial
  • Tinana wairua hinengaro – need all three aspects to create wellbeing.
  • Tawhirimatea (assessment) models from the past that can be used for physical conditioning and testing.

PE from a Maori perspective needs assessment from a Maori perspective too.


Funny guy with some interesting ideas to ponder!

Session 2 – Quality PE from an international perspective. Lorna, Sue and Kirsten

Looked at how the AIESEP conference developed a draft position statement for Physical Education

Key comments


What are the implications for NZ PE if this is the standard that we measure by…..What do we lose…..

Needs a vision – where is the learner????


Session 3 – Developing  a Community – Health and PE NZ

Love the concept of a FB or Twitter community and enjoyed the what, why how. Great presentation by Natasha

Session 4 – SOLO in PE by me

Very rushed session – should have had an hour!!! I have included the where to next section of the session into this blog.


Session 5 – Scholarship PE

Not at all what I was expecting but an interesting and robust discussion around the new proposal for Scholarship PE as a “report” rather than an exam. I was hoping for ideas to help my scholarship students!!




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