Session 8 – Using technology to enhance student engagement, motivation and wellbeing

Dan Haesler

Proportion of students who feel they don’t belong at school
Levels of engagement

What do we mean when we say engagement – attendance, uniform, sporting, working in groups – conformity and we confuse conformity and compliance for engagment.

“Engagement – the sense of living a life high on interest, curiosity and absorption, engaged individuals pursue goals with detemination and vitality”

Would kids turn up even if they didn’t have to – interesting question, irrelavant because they have to……until now (home school rates increasing, “hacked” education)

-> Positive Psychology

Wellbeing -5 to 0 = welfare, 0 to 5 is “flourishing”

Welfare – crisis help lines
                – alternative education services – ie “Net School Bendigo” learning at your own pace, in your own time

Flourishing –
Forget trying to engage kids in your class -> engage them in thier life, the world around them, their future.

Relationships are the key, give them some autonomy (student voice), Mastery (learning for the sake of learning), sense of Purpose. (Circular flow)

Empower kids to change the some bodies world

Jack – pancreatic cancer

World for change





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