Session 7 – Reciprocal Teaching Through Inquiry

Phil Stubbs, Verso and Katrina Reynen, Optus

Cut through the noise of technology

1. Learning Management systems are not the same as ITC’s for learning and teaching
2. Right question, right time, right audience – process is key
3. There is global agreement about the desirable skills necessary for life love and work
4 If there is no imediate feedback there is no point doing the activity

Pedagogy + Technology + Change Knowledge

Who Owns the Learning???

Provocations as lenses on learning – deliberate and thoughtul challenges created by the teacher with the intention of initiating thinking, extending ideas…..(can type fast enough)

Key ideas- productive discomfort, anonymity, “likes”, grouping

Students – good feedback is important, can take risks, no peer pressure, confidence, like anonymity.
Teachers – allow questions to be posed.

(I think Verso is like Moodle Forum but with anonymity)

Assessment and Teaching of 21st century skills –

Feedback – technology allows more feedback, enhances what happens in the classroom,

ENGAGE (personalised textbook) – immediate feedback, formative assessment, reporting , collaboration, peer tutoring, mastery learning, global learning

What to look for in technology……

Ability for collaboration
Guided self directed learning
Reporting – pictures / infographic



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