Session 6 – Agile Leadership – Ewan McIntosh

A year of school innovation around the world.  – website with links to videos

What is agile leadership – Teachmeets, response to change

How many of the ideas that you have heard at EduTECH could you implement – 95 on Tuesday????

Maybe we need to one thing really well – like McDonalds, or Jamies Italian.

Contradictions, Tensions, Surprises – Agile Leadership is all about working with these and making things easier.

Contradictions – Use what we know
Eg “homework” –  is it good or bad.

Tensions –
Eg “Feedback” Austin’s butterfly. -> passive feedback -> specific help -> trough of enlightenment (help a bit less from teachers) -> synthesise

The best way to do th  is manageably is with student feedback – feedback walls
Should we take away grading – tension!! Can allow students to take more risks.

Surprises –
Let people work it out for themselves
Keep strategic plans / manifestos short
Small actions can have a huge impact
“Actormapping”   who, what where, when, how, why  – create a “radar” map when strategising

“He has a why to live for, can bear almost any now”  quote

Do one thing, don’t necesarily worry about doing it well, do it with empathy and learn from it……

In Leadership use soloists (orchestra metaphor) give them the lead, allow them the time and then take it back – have trust in your team and trust in yourself to work things out.




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