Session 5 – Sir Ken Robinson


Very very funny man……just saying!!!

Should PISA be the ultimate guide to educational acheivement around the world? Politicians measure up PISA ratings like comparing size of biceps!

Themes of Sir Ken

We live in revolutionary times
We have to think differently about everything – “Out of our minds – learning to be creative” rewritten

Change is accelerating – tools have expanded our mind and expanded our reach. Most have unintended consequences too. All tools are useless without the creative power of our minds. But they can also distract us, send us in the wrong direction too.

Where are we heading to next – conscious machines? Do they have rights? Is it a case of fleshism!!20140603-165436-60876917.jpg

World has changed due to population growth, urbanisation, industrial farming (focused on yield regardless of consequences). We also have industrialised education which is no more sustainable than farming.

There is a movement to organic farming…

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