Session 5 – Sir Ken Robinson

Very very funny man……just saying!!!

Should PISA be the ultimate guide to educational acheivement around the world? Politicians measure up PISA ratings like comparing size of biceps!

Themes of Sir Ken

We live in revolutionary times
We have to think differently about everything – “Out of our minds – learning to be creative” rewritten

Change is accelerating – tools have expanded our mind and expanded our reach. Most have unintended consequences too. All tools are useless without the creative power of our minds. But they can also distract us, send us in the wrong direction too.

Where are we heading to next – conscious machines? Do they have rights? Is it a case of fleshism!!20140603-165436-60876917.jpg

World has changed due to population growth, urbanisation, industrial farming (focused on yield regardless of consequences). We also have industrialised education which is no more sustainable than farming.

There is a movement to organic farming which focuses on the soil.
So what about organic education??

1. Health
2. Ecology
3. Equity
4. Care

The revolution needs to come from the ground up – not the top down.

Creativity myths
Only special people are creative
Only special things are creative
You can’t do much about your creativity.

Creativity is putting your imagination to work.

Culture plays a huge role in our world view and infests our daily habits. We need to reframe and disturb our regulated view of things.

Amazing example of impact of the right answer on creativity. (Find link)

It’s urgent that we recreate education now!!

Human resources are like natural resources. They need nurturing. We need to of them as organisms not machines. Our job is to create a climate of growth where teachers are allowed to do the job they love

Check out this management structure


Also this video “landfill harmonic”

Risk -anais nin
There came a time when the risk of remaining tight in a bud… (Will hunt down)

Was AWESOME as much as he hates the word!!


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