Session 2 – Leading a learning revolution – Anthony Salcito

Global Perspectives – daily edventures blog
At present innovation is happening but is not transformative – in pockets, schools, some teacher – need to develop a culture of innovation

“Your students are learning without you”
The friction is with teachers embracing a new paradign for learning. Students have unpresented access to information – “kids don’t grow up in the dark anymore”.

Focus needs to shift from adapting current to creating new pedagogy. We need to think differently about the technology, avoid thinking of it as a barrier.

Learning also needs to be holistic – “Not available at the APP store”

Learning active, roleplay, playful, in and out of class, student driven, dynamic, not necessarily tech, teacher at centre not at front. “MAKEmore” Celebrate teachers (in USA like police, fire fighters)

What does Transformation look like –

Why must they arrive at the same time??? Content and assessment driven with time limits. Technology allows time not to be a factor –
How do we know when we have reached the goal???

*Mystery Skype – collaboroate, integrate tech and maps, other resources, share with other people and cultures.

Overcoming deployment dilemnas
1 Change is about people and culture
2 Research Matters
3 Expect more from tech
4 Use data
5 Empower teachers
6 Training comes from leaders

Key for students to Expect MORE – from themselves,


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