Session 1 – Sugata Mitra – The Future of Learning – The Accidental Educator

“We might have a great big hammer but every problem is not a nail” Barack Obama
Education in the past needed to produce obedient, soldiers, office workers, factory workers – this is now obsolete.
What to do – 1. Change the system – develop creative imaginative people within the current structure – unlikely with curriculum, assessment, standards

He developed “Hole in the Wall” – a computer  in New Delhi in 1999 that children experimented with no instruction at all. The children learnt to use the mouse, surf the internet, taught themselves to play games. In 9 months with no instruction children had the same level of competence as secretaries in the West!! Children found a search engine and plugged their homework in and used the Harvard Business Review. They used speech to text to perfect their accents so they could work in call centres!

How far could it go – Sugata created an impossible question – hoping it would fail. It didn’t!!
What this mean – is knowing obsolete? The current generation is growing up with this assumption.

Next – the grandmother experiment. Using people to provide encouragement, not instruction for children to see how much of impact it had – very positive

SOLE self organised learning environment – give zany question “why do flowers have petals” and then leave to their own devices with some encouragement.

=broadband + collaboration + encouragment and admiration

Or curriculum question + peer assessment + certification with examination  (more secondary perhaps??)

SOLE seems to work the same everywhere around the world.

The edge of chaos is where everything happens – is learning an edge of chaos happening? (Surfing example) What can we do?? Just say go

All this has led to “School in the cloud” (in England and India – range of settings) Big screens, seating for groups, “grannies” on the wall. One model fits all. Purposely chaotic.




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