Breakout 1 – Heads in the cloud – harnessing social media in school communities

Peter Geale – Netbox Blue

Core principles
Solutions to promote and protect student wellbeing
Systems that enable the internet to be an effective and efficient learning tool

Engagement is Key – there are links between student behaviour, engagement and Academic Performance
Social media is 2,3,5,12….. in 2014 Global Site Rankings

81% of online teens use some form of social media, 77% use facebook, 75% visit several times / day

(Btw ACMA?? Good info on digital citizenship “stay smart online”)

(Btw esmart campaign – Alannah and Madeline Foundation)

(Btw Donna Cross – bullying videos for Dept of Ed)

Key Benefits – draw out creativity, encourage collaboration, social media skills should equip young people to think of social media as a real-world tool, a way to learn and produce content in a familiar setting.

How to use it – blogging (microblogging on twitter) Private facebook groups for projects, Youtube playlists Youtube for Schools, LinkedIn resumes and connecting.

Risks and Concerns – distraction, reputation risk, gimmick, limiting face to face, social media keeps changing, embedded malware, boundaries crossed/stretched, inappropriate communications.

Risk Mitigation via pattern matching
                               – text reviewed in realtime against keywords and a response sent -eg bad language
                               – blocks messages
                               – instant alerts on critical matches
                               – allows early intervention by schools

Key takeaways – the “btws”  (will follow and look at integrating in Yr 9 Health, Year 10 Te Waka) and the mini Picnic for being a Kiwi


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